Traffic Management

  • Decongestion of Arterial roads, radial roads and junctions including Silk Board Junction, St. Johns Junction and Hosur Road Junction.
  • Speedy and timely execution of currently sanctioned flyovers, underpasses and metro to simplify movement and decongestion of traffic in and around BTM constituency. Some of the mega projects sanctioned for decongestion of traffic are Ejipura junction to Kendriya Sadan flyover, Jayadeva junction to Silk board integrated traffic and metro flyover and connection from Adugodi junction to Madiwala underpass
  • Important Junctions and roads to be layered with concrete to ensure comfortable and maintenance free roads

Civic Infrastructure

  • Upgradation of current BWSSB lines to ensure proper and sufficient supply of water to all
  • Pure RO Drinking water to be dispensed in all wards through filter plants set up
  • Upgrading sewage network to handle current and future capacity, to avoid overflow
  • Storm water drain network to be fenced/covered wherever possible to ensure prevention of rain water overflow in to residential areas
  • Regular de-silting and cleaning of storm water drains and drainage systems to prevent flooding during rainy season
  • Special emphasis on making foot paths pedestrian friendly and installation of bollards to restrict movement of vehicles.
  • Proactive maintenance of roads, parking, traffic management, street lights, water and sewage system

Women Safety & Empowerment

  • Proper street lighting on low-light roads will be installed to ensure the safety and security of women and children
  • CCTV camera network to be installed at strategic locations to curb miscreants and chain snatchers
  • Skill development programs for women along with job fairs to increase employability and job opportunities
  • Special focus to be provided for Women self-help groups in government schemes

Environmental Protection

  • Improve the maintenance and infrastructure in all parks through active participation of residents’ welfare association
  • Increasing green cover by plantation of more saplings and creating a support system to ensure proper green cover
  • Measures to be taken to improve the water table by conservation measures including rejuvenation of lakes, rain water harvesting awareness and improving network of storm water drains
  • Public Private Partnership model to adopt parks and trees to improve the green cover


  • Facility of Government schools to be improved including quality of classrooms, sporting facilities, labs, etc
  • Improve the sanitation, water supply and potable water availability in government schools. Separate rest rooms for Boys and girls to be implemented
  • Will aid parents to seek admission under Right to Education(RTE) act in all schools. This shall provide for underprivileged children to attend quality private schools
  • All girl children will receive free education at state government institutions till post-graduation
  • All underprivileged SSLC and PUC Merit students will receive scholarships


  • All government health schemes to be implemented effectively
  • Quality of the Government clinics and health centers to be improved
  • Senior citizens to be supported with all government health care schemes and facilities

Youth empowerment

  • Skill development and vocational courses to be conducted to improve the employability
  • Job fairs will be conducted to connect employers and youth
  • Support and guidance to youth under various government schemes for Entrepreneurs/Startups
  • Playgrounds and sports facilities in BTM will be maintained and improved
  • Support will be provided to youth sport organizations and associations
  • Opportunities will be given to the youth of BTM to showcase their skills and 
talents by regularly conducting cultural and sports activities.

Housing for Underprivileged

  • 5,00,000/- will be provided to build a house from the BBMP ‘Ontimane’ scheme to the underprivileged who have a site in BTM constituency
  • Houses at a reasonable price, from the BDA (Bengaluru Development Authority), will be given to the underprivileged who do not have a site or house in BTM
  • Amenities to be upgraded for underprivileged in government housing board colonies

Social Welfare schemes

  • Schemes such as Old age pension, Widow pension, support for physically challenged and Government loans for all communities will be implemented
  • Special care and attention will be provided for the needs of under privileged and minority to better their lives
  • Implementation of social welfare schemes and scholarships for SC/ST and minorities student
  • Insurance will be provided to casual labourers